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источник http://vintagehomemaking.com/anthropologie-inspired-paper-wysteria-tutorial/

I recently came across this awesome Anthropologie installation mimicking a wysteria vine made by Ruthi Audu on a wedding blog (Once Wed). It is SO pretty and the placement of it in a home-type setting started me thinking about where I could put one of them here in the house. I followed the link to her blog, but there were no instructions, so I really examined the pictures closely and I think that, for the most part, I’ve figured out how Ruthi made hers. Since I planned to publically post this project, I didn’t want to exactly copy her method. I played around a little with some tissue paper and came up with a couple of different ways to get the draping flower effect of a wysteria vine. I think her method looks better than mine does and so I might mix ”flowers” of my style and her style together to construct the installation in my craft room. I will have a ton of empty wall space and I think that putting it in a place similar to how it is in her photo below will look awesome. I will have a seating nook by the window in the front, so I think this would be something really special to drape over the ceiling and down the wall. I used white tissue because that is what I had on hand, but you can use any color you’d like.


I just think this is a fabulous idea and it’s really cheap to make! Above you can see Ruthi’s wysteria and real wysteria. I hope you like the tutorial below for my version. I also just wanted to note that her blog says that if you want one of your own, you can hire her to come and make you one.

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